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About Us

About Us

Alexandru Cristescu

We love to shoot weddings. We don’t contract other shooters to capture your day and we don’t believe in showing you an amazing portfolio that was pieced together from random shooters. Our portfolio is our own and represents the quality you will receive. No surprises. Owner and main cinematographer, Alex Cristescu has more than a decade of experience shooting wedding films.

Along with it, he has worked in live television as a journalist, editor and camera operator. His work has been featured both locally and nationally. His team of second shooters are professionals with experience in both wedding and television production.

It has been over 10 years since I shot my first wedding. I fell in love with it. Coming from a creative film background I was able to bring my story telling aesthetics to craft films that couples will cherish for a lifetime. It is that sense of sentiment that pushes my passion for wedding cinematography.

As the owner and main cinematographer of Love Genre Films, I am present at every wedding we book. No contracting or outsourcing. Even when it comes down to the editing, it is all in house. There should be no surprises when it comes to your wedding day.

Chris Howard

After his 4-year call of duty, Chris decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an artist, so he enrolled at UC Davis as an Art Studio major. It was at UCD where he learned the true meaning and power of art. He graduated with a BA in Art Studio (emphasis in photography, a minor in Art History and a better understanding of the direction my own pursuits.

In his career in the US Navy, he spent his leisure time abroad drawing and painting while art has been the driving force in his life. He found art to be his means to reaching out to understanding and connecting with the world.

“I was seven when my grandfather first introduced me to his 35mm Canon camera. Even in the age of seven, I understood the power of creative expression, be it photography, drawing or painting”

“If I’m not in my studio with a paintbrush and canvas, lost in the world of expressionism, you will find me capturing the world through the lens on my camera. My approach to painting and photography is quite similar: think new, trust my intuition and let beauty guide me.”